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Downsizing Your Things To Sell

Just as they say an iguana will grow as big as its cage our stuff grows as big as our homes. Day-to-day it is perfectly fine living with a filled basement, attic, closet and drawers but when if comes to selling a Fairfield County home,  all of this stuff can end up costing you money at sale time as well as during the move.

First of all, the greater the number of boxes going to your new home, the higher your moving bill. Consider this: Three years after I moved from a coop in NYC to a house in Long Island my husband brought my attention to a box labeled ‘Decipher Immediately”.  It had never been opened. Second of all and of much greater importance is how having a lot of things will impact the sales price of your home. Decluttering will avoid the impression of a ‘too lived-in’ house, makes rooms appear more spacious, and enables potential buyers to picture their own belongings and lifestyle in place. The result: increased showings with the potential for increased offers at a higher price. Continue reading

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Staging When Stagers Aren’t Around

Today, staging a home before selling is the norm and if you don’t do it you are at a disadvantage. Hiring a professional Stager is always the best bet, but it’s not always in a Seller’s budget. A great listing agent will help you decide whether staging is imperative for your home – and will offer some basic fixes to help you work with what you have. In addition, some agents have taken staging classes and have actual experience staging their client’s homes.
Here are some tips to get your home ready for sale.
1. The first stage to set is the front yard. If the street view is untidy or the yard overgrown, the potential buyer walks into your house having had a negative impression. That’s not a good place to start. So, if the front or garage doors are even a little bit chipped or flaking, sand and paint them. Same goes for front fences & gates. People’s eyes are drawn to color, season permitting, add a few cheerful annuals in pots and hanging baskets.
2. Create space in your house by removing bulky, old or mismatched furniture. The goal is to get buyers looking at your house, not your things. This allows a buyer to see the positive attributes of your home and start to visualize their furniture in your space.
3. Nothing is quite as off-putting as evidence of bad personal hygiene. Kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms need special hospital-clean sparkle. Do laundry frequently, light candles, set air fresheners — and open windows wherever you can.
The market is picking up, but even so, similar homes are still competing for the same group of buyers. That’s why it is vital that you present your home as favorably as possible. As a certified Home Staging Specialist and with comprehensive knowledge of our Fairfield County market, I can help you maximize your home’s potential. If you are considering listing a home in Fairfield County, call me anytime for a consultation!