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Benefits of Working With a Buyers Agent

Working with a Buyer’s Agent is better than free.  Free implies that it does not cost you anything, which is true in this case, because the Seller pays your Buyer Agent’s Commission.  Even better, your Buyer Agent can make the transaction less stressful and save you time & money.   Bottom line, the Buyer Broker has your back.  The Listing Broker does not.  So read on for the insiders scoop on why you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by signing your Buyer Broker Agreement.

The Buyer Broker works for you while the Seller Broker works for the Seller.  The Buyer’s Agent will try to get you the house for the least amount of money.  The Seller’s Agent will try to sell the house for the most amount of money.   In addition to price, the Buyers Agent will try to get you the most favorable terms. Continue reading

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The Final Walk-Through: What You Should Know

The final walk-through is the very last step you will take in the buying process before you go to the closing of your Fairfield County home. This is also your very last chance to address open items with the Seller. Once you take title at closing, the home is yours and there are no more requests to be made.  Now having said this, its important to realize that the walk through is not an opportunity to ask for new things but it is the time to make sure that the house you are buying looks the way it did when you went through inspection and/or the last time you were in the home.  It also a time to make sure that all negotiated items have been fixed and are accounted for.
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Appealing Exteriors Start The Showing Off Right

When it comes to selling your home in Fairfield County, the importance of that old saying ‘You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression’ cannot be understated.  From the first moment a showing begins, you want your potential Buyers to have a positive feeling, not one that is negative in any way.  The reason is that while purchasing a home is for the most part a logical process, logic alone will not cause a buyer to pull the trigger. A buyer must have a positive emotional response to your home in order for them to make an offer. Continue reading

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Modifications to Consider For Elderly Home Safety

Do you have an elderly relative coming for a visit? Or perhaps you are trying to help someone transition back to their home after a hospital stay?  The most important modifications to consider are those that will prevent falls or other accidents, and those that will keep seniors safe in the event of fire.  George Christiansen of Pequot Remodeling offers some simple, affordable options to consider to make your home or their home more safe.

1.  For the bathroom, invest in a portable raised toilet seat with arms.

2.  Install a hand held shower nozzle over the tub faucet, or replace the existing shower head with a hand held variety to blend with your bath’s decor. Continue reading

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Staging When Stagers Aren’t Around

Today, staging a home before selling is the norm and if you don’t do it you are at a disadvantage. Hiring a professional Stager is always the best bet, but it’s not always in a Seller’s budget. A great listing agent will help you decide whether staging is imperative for your home – and will offer some basic fixes to help you work with what you have. In addition, some agents have taken staging classes and have actual experience staging their client’s homes.
Here are some tips to get your home ready for sale.
1. The first stage to set is the front yard. If the street view is untidy or the yard overgrown, the potential buyer walks into your house having had a negative impression. That’s not a good place to start. So, if the front or garage doors are even a little bit chipped or flaking, sand and paint them. Same goes for front fences & gates. People’s eyes are drawn to color, season permitting, add a few cheerful annuals in pots and hanging baskets.
2. Create space in your house by removing bulky, old or mismatched furniture. The goal is to get buyers looking at your house, not your things. This allows a buyer to see the positive attributes of your home and start to visualize their furniture in your space.
3. Nothing is quite as off-putting as evidence of bad personal hygiene. Kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms need special hospital-clean sparkle. Do laundry frequently, light candles, set air fresheners — and open windows wherever you can.
The market is picking up, but even so, similar homes are still competing for the same group of buyers. That’s why it is vital that you present your home as favorably as possible. As a certified Home Staging Specialist and with comprehensive knowledge of our Fairfield County market, I can help you maximize your home’s potential. If you are considering listing a home in Fairfield County, call me anytime for a consultation!