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Marketing The New Features Of Your Home

A great real estate agent must possess strong business skills, knowledge of the market and experience handling the psychological aspects of buying and selling a home too. The latter includes understanding the way prospective buyers think about their search for a future home, how they are likely to react to different forms of presentation, and what builds or detracts from the value they assign to your property.

Here’s an interesting example of how psychology can affect a real estate transaction. It comes from a study done at the University of Texas, Real Estate Finance and Development Program. A couple of years back, they began conducting some psychological studies, and one of them used sophisticated statistical tools and a huge sample of real estate transactions.
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What Is Listing Syndication?

Listing Syndication” is the term used when third parties – including big Internet outfits like Zillow and Trulia — take local real estate agents’ listings and put them up on their national websites.  This is beneficial because the more exposure for your home the better.  However, there are some drawbacks to understand whenever you are looking for a property and when you put your own Fairfield County home up for sale.

For house-hunters, the biggest issue with syndicators is information that is either out-of-date or inaccurate. Continue reading