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Get a C.L.U.E Insurance Report

The CLUE report is important to both sellers and buyers in the real estate transaction.  Getting a report is advisable for both parties as part of due diligence for a sale.  This is a repost of Robert Reade, Vice President of Sales, William Raveis Insurance from the blog at raveis.com.

This is a recap and follow up to a post that I wrote several years ago on the often-overlooked insurance process involved in a real estate home purchase.  Performing office meetings at real estate offices and speaking to mortgage brokers on a multiple state basis, I find it is an appropriate article to begin the first of many articles William Raveis Insurance shall provide to increase awareness of the insurance side of the real estate and mortgage business. Property insurance is required if there is any mortgage, or, in the case of a lease, any landlord requirement.  This post speaks to what has become a little known fundamental step in the insuring process that every insurance agent and every insurance carrier performs.  Please spend a moment to review the article, digest it and provide me your thoughts, ideas and concerns or if you have found out that claims do impact home insurability the hard way. Continue reading