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Popular Home Styles in Fairfield County, CT – Part 1

from bhg.com

Cape Cods, commonly called Capes here in Fairfield County, CT go back to the 30’s.  They were originally designed as one story homes with four rooms on the main floor, a basement and an attic. Today the attics are used as bedrooms and many have been expanded with dormers and even turned into Colonials.
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Hidden Costs of Buying a Foreclosure

Finding a great foreclosure can mean finding a great value but only before you examine potential hidden costs. No matter how tempting a bargain may seem, taking the time and effort to uncover any unexpected costs will be well worth your while. Consider this before jumping in.

If a home goes into foreclosure under protest, an angry previous owner may decide to depart with essential fittings  like bathtubs and ovens!  The LA Times calculates that to be around $30,000 in costs added to a typical $110,000 purchase in this manner. You can easily determine what your additional costs may be, by simply viewing the property and then estimating costs of materials and labor. Continue reading

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What Is Listing Syndication?

Listing Syndication” is the term used when third parties – including big Internet outfits like Zillow and Trulia — take local real estate agents’ listings and put them up on their national websites.  This is beneficial because the more exposure for your home the better.  However, there are some drawbacks to understand whenever you are looking for a property and when you put your own Fairfield County home up for sale.

For house-hunters, the biggest issue with syndicators is information that is either out-of-date or inaccurate. Continue reading