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Benefits of Working With a Green Realtor

A green realtor has specialized knowledge in sustainability, which is a value-add above and beyond the traditional Realtor’s domain.  This is particularly helpful to those who want some guidance when building new construction, or when purchasing a home with green features that already exist or have the potential to be added. For those looking to sell a home, that has green features, an experienced green realtor will know how to leverage them to increase the property’s marketability and price.

The benefit of living in a home with green features is three-fold. 1. Your monthly bills can be lowered by taking energy efficient measures. 2. Your health can be protected and improved by creating a healthier indoor environment, and 3.  It’s helpful to our earth, always a by-product of 1 and 2.  Furthermore, as consumers become increasingly aware of the benefits of going green, the demand for green features becomes that much more prevalent.  Continue reading