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Benefits of Working With a Buyers Agent

Working with a Buyer’s Agent is better than free.  Free implies that it does not cost you anything, which is true in this case, because the Seller pays your Buyer Agent’s Commission.  Even better, your Buyer Agent can make the transaction less stressful and save you time & money.   Bottom line, the Buyer Broker has your back.  The Listing Broker does not.  So read on for the insiders scoop on why you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by signing your Buyer Broker Agreement.

The Buyer Broker works for you while the Seller Broker works for the Seller.  The Buyer’s Agent will try to get you the house for the least amount of money.  The Seller’s Agent will try to sell the house for the most amount of money.   In addition to price, the Buyers Agent will try to get you the most favorable terms. Continue reading


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The Final Walk-Through: What You Should Know

The final walk-through is the very last step you will take in the buying process before you go to the closing of your Fairfield County home. This is also your very last chance to address open items with the Seller. Once you take title at closing, the home is yours and there are no more requests to be made.  Now having said this, its important to realize that the walk through is not an opportunity to ask for new things but it is the time to make sure that the house you are buying looks the way it did when you went through inspection and/or the last time you were in the home.  It also a time to make sure that all negotiated items have been fixed and are accounted for.
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Remodeling: Cost vs. Value

Your home is your castle and should be just the way you want it to meet your needs & desires.  If the home you live in falls short, consider a renovation project. If you’re a buyer looking for a Fairfield County home, but you can’t seem to find just the right one, consider spending less money on a house that you can renovate to your specifications.

Remodeling can be a big undertaking, so go into it with your eyes wide open.  First and foremost, make sure you have the time and energy to do it right. Then evaluate how much it will cost you and how much this will improve the value of your Fairfield County home.  To help in that effort, check out the latest ‘Cost to Value Report’ which quantifies the average cost of 35 different remodeling projects and what percentage of that cost you will recoup when selling your home. Continue reading

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Expected Home Price Increase 2012 & Beyond

Each quarter, Pulsenomics surveys a  “distinguished panel of over 100 economists, investment strategists, and housing market analysts regarding their 4-year expectations for future home prices in the United States.”   Here are the latest survey results.

Price appreciation/depreciation expected over the next four years:

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Induction Cooktops: Better than Gas?

Gas stoves have long been the preferred choice of gourmet cooks because it allows you to have greater control over the heat.  Now there is another choice out there featuring the same precise heat control with the added value of being energy-efficient. As per the Department of Energy, typical efficiency of induction cooktops is 84%, as opposed to 40% with gas and 60% with conventional electric.

Convections have a flat surface making them easier to clean and creating a slicker look, however all of this comes with a price.  A quick check on prices at the Lowes website has inductions costing $1000-$1,200 more than gas, for the stainless versions of the GE and Bosch brands respectively.  Therefore, as always, consider the features you want and your long-term return on investment before making your purchase. Continue reading

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Popular Home Styles in Fairfield County, CT – Part 1

from bhg.com

Cape Cods, commonly called Capes here in Fairfield County, CT go back to the 30’s.  They were originally designed as one story homes with four rooms on the main floor, a basement and an attic. Today the attics are used as bedrooms and many have been expanded with dormers and even turned into Colonials.
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Benefits of Financing a New Construction Home

New construction homes can be quite attractive to a lender as they are a pretty safe bet.  For a buyer, this can result in a smooth financing process and a high percentage chance that your loan will close. This is especially comforting in a climate where financing a home can be quite rigorous.  Sometimes the builder will offer financing directly to the purchaser that can make the process of obtaining the loan even easier.

A new home has just obtained permits during the building process and has to show the town that it complies with the building code in order to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy. In fact because homes are regulated and monitored by the town while being constructed, you can avoid some additional inspections that might be ordered for older homes i.e. for the septic. When an older home is inspected some of the results may raise a red flag with the bank, i.e. mold or asbestos.  While these things can be remedied, health concerns can make loan processing that much more complex.
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