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The Final Walk-Through: What You Should Know

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The final walk-through is the very last step you will take in the buying process before you go to the closing of your Fairfield County home. This is also your very last chance to address open items with the Seller. Once you take title at closing, the home is yours and there are no more requests to be made.  Now having said this, its important to realize that the walk through is not an opportunity to ask for new things but it is the time to make sure that the house you are buying looks the way it did when you went through inspection and/or the last time you were in the home.  It also a time to make sure that all negotiated items have been fixed and are accounted for.

I recommend that you schedule your walk-through with your Buyers Agent as close to the closing as possible, in fact immediately before if you can.  The time it takes will depend on the size of the house but on average you should allot one hour of your time.  Note that the walk through is not a time to take measurements, have contractors in and decorate.  There is plenty of time to do that when you get the keys.  This is a time to make sure that the systems are functioning, that no damage has been done during move out and that any fixtures that were included as part of the deal still remain.

While the walk through is not a full out inspection, you can ask your building inspector to attend to make sure the agreed upon items to be fixed were in fact fixed and in an acceptable fashion.  This is not a standard offering for all inspectors. Some will do it and some will not. Some will charge and some will do it for free.  Whatever your inspector does, if you choose to go this route, make sure you schedule this with them way in advance to be sure that they are available.

During the walk through you should examine the walls for any damage that might have incurred since you were last in the house, run the faucets and showers to check for hot water and observe for major leaks and flush toilets.  You can also check to see that the electric and heat are working and while you won’t have time to inspect appliances and systems as was done in your building inspection, you can turn them on to make sure they are operational.  Make sure that the Sellers are leaving only items that you have agreed they leave in your contract or by verbal agreement thereafter so will not have to remove them yourself at your own expense.

Most of the time, things go very smoothly during the final walk through because the Seller wants to close as much as you do.  However, if there is an issue, it’s a good idea to take a photo of it with your phone.  Then notify your Attorney immediately, send the picture and provide specific and accurate details.  At this point your Attorney will address outstanding items with the Sellers Attorney.  The Sellers will then have to take action or give you a monetary credit so you can address the issue yourself.

If you have any questions about the final walk through of your Fairfield County home, feel free to contact me anytime.  Your Attorney can also be a good source of information as well.

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