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Remodeling your Fairfield County home is a great opportunity to create optimal space for your unique lifestyle and it’s an even better opportunity to increase the value of your house.  Both very attractive options since home is your haven and mostly likely your single largest financial investment.  So when it comes time to remodel, its essential that you hire experienced professionals to help you create a practical design,  recommend products & finishings of universal style and to have everything built & installed with high quality workmanship.  Here’s a list of Fairfield County professionals that I have gathered to help make your remodel easier.

When evaluating exactly what design and materials you will use, choose what you like but also think of it from your future buyers eyes. If you are selling your home in the next few years go with what’s hot now to get the biggest return on your investment. If you are not going to sell for years to come, consider a classic design that will not go out of style.

Be careful not to add permanent finishings that are too personal in nature. For instance, if you are renovating a bathroom and you want to make it your favorite color, pink, maybe you should reserve that for the paint, window treatments and towels and choose white tile and a grey stone counter.  A good rule is to keep those permanent fixtures neutral.

There is a careful balance in renovating to satisfy your personal taste that will also be perceived positively by your future buyer. Any time you are considering an update to your Fairfield County home, feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to provide you with insight that will help protect your biggest investment.

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