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Best Restaurants in CT

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Here’s a great article from CT Magazine listing the best restaurants in Connecticut. Its an excellent resource to have for choosing that special restaurant in your local area or if you want to take a nice drive in our beautiful state and end up at a worthwhile destination.  I don’t know about you but I dislike paying a lot of money for a meal that just doesn’t taste all that good.  So…this list is one I am going to keep.

Overall, dining in CT has certainly taken a big giant step forward, in my opinion, with the increase of New York style restaurants popping up in even the quietest of suburbs.  These funky places combined with our good ol’ countryesque charmers make for a wide variety of choices to suit your various moods.

Check out the article and have fun picking restaurants from the following  categories:   Bon Appetit.

  • Overall
  • Italian, American, French, Indian, Asian, Mexican
  • Seafood, Steak, Pub, Barbeque, Sushi, Vegetarian, Vegan
  • Brunch, Breakfast
  • Best Cocktails
  • Outdoor Dining, Good for Families

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