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Induction Cooktops: Better than Gas?

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Gas stoves have long been the preferred choice of gourmet cooks because it allows you to have greater control over the heat.  Now there is another choice out there featuring the same precise heat control with the added value of being energy-efficient. As per the Department of Energy, typical efficiency of induction cooktops is 84%, as opposed to 40% with gas and 60% with conventional electric.

Convections have a flat surface making them easier to clean and creating a slicker look, however all of this comes with a price.  A quick check on prices at the Lowes website has inductions costing $1000-$1,200 more than gas, for the stainless versions of the GE and Bosch brands respectively.  Therefore, as always, consider the features you want and your long-term return on investment before making your purchase.

Many times, when buyers look at a home with an electric stove they consider that to be a negative. In this case, I  tell my Clients that you can easily get a gas cooktop or range even in a home that has with no access to the town gas lines,  by installing a propane tank specifically to fuel that appliance.  When figuring out your ROI, take into account that this option does cost you money on an ongoing basis to fill the tank and possibly lease it as well.  In this scenario, induction is an easier option to implement and a viable option for the discerning cook. Convection is also the optimum choice for the energy conscious consumer.

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