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Downsizing Your Things To Sell

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Just as they say an iguana will grow as big as its cage our stuff grows as big as our homes. Day-to-day it is perfectly fine living with a filled basement, attic, closet and drawers but when if comes to selling a Fairfield County home,  all of this stuff can end up costing you money at sale time as well as during the move.

First of all, the greater the number of boxes going to your new home, the higher your moving bill. Consider this: Three years after I moved from a coop in NYC to a house in Long Island my husband brought my attention to a box labeled ‘Decipher Immediately”.  It had never been opened. Second of all and of much greater importance is how having a lot of things will impact the sales price of your home. Decluttering will avoid the impression of a ‘too lived-in’ house, makes rooms appear more spacious, and enables potential buyers to picture their own belongings and lifestyle in place. The result: increased showings with the potential for increased offers at a higher price.

Let’s face it decluttering is a drag and a task most of us would ike to avoid.  In the end, though, the reward is having a home that is easier to manage and feeling downright free. I’ve had clients describe the feeling being similar to having a big weight just lifted off of their shoulders.

When paring down your possessions remember the old adage that if you haven’t used something in five years you are likely not to ever use it again. If you have a hard time with this, donate it and picture the person who will be using it in the future. You will be making someone very happy and doing a good service. Finally, imagine the empty canvas that is your new home. Would you place the item that you hold so dearly in your hand, that you are having a hard time getting rid of, in your new space?

Downsizing your things can be done quickly but is more easily accomplished over time. So, plan to do so well in advance of a potential move. When you put your home on the market it will be a much smoother process. Looking forward to hearing from you if you need any pre sale advice and when you decide to list your Fairfield County home for sale.

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