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Benefits of Working With a Green Realtor

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A green realtor has specialized knowledge in sustainability, which is a value-add above and beyond the traditional Realtor’s domain.  This is particularly helpful to those who want some guidance when building new construction, or when purchasing a home with green features that already exist or have the potential to be added. For those looking to sell a home, that has green features, an experienced green realtor will know how to leverage them to increase the property’s marketability and price.

The benefit of living in a home with green features is three-fold. 1. Your monthly bills can be lowered by taking energy efficient measures. 2. Your health can be protected and improved by creating a healthier indoor environment, and 3.  It’s helpful to our earth, always a by-product of 1 and 2.  Furthermore, as consumers become increasingly aware of the benefits of going green, the demand for green features becomes that much more prevalent. 

In fact if you are making a major improvement or fixture replacement to your home, whether it be a furnace, addition or appliance, you owe it to yourself to evaluate your return on investment and the health benefit of choosing the green alternative. One day homes that do not have these features will be considered out dated just as homes with wall-to-wall carpeting appear now.  If you do not think this is true, think about how much more you are aware of green than you were five years ago.

When looking for a Fairfield County Realtor to consult with you on green features and homes, evaluate the knowledge of that Realtor. Is their knowledge high level or are they committed to ongoing education?  Is their knowledge of the textbook sort or do they have real life experience.   CT Green Real Estate differentiates itself by undergoing ongoing education and research, actively communicating with green professionals and by sharing expertise through Snappy Green, an online Fairfield County forum offering green tips for the home. If you are considering buying or selling a new construction green home or an older home with green features, feel free to contact me anytime to discuss your needs.

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